What are you looking for in your wedding photographer?

I am an observer. I watch the interaction between my wedding couples and when the moments happen, the connection, a glance, a smile, a kiss…I press the shutter.

Its the in between seconds when true love presents itself and that is what I photograph. I want my clients to thumb through their wedding album and remember what they felt in that moment when the image was taken.

I have spent the last 19 years watching and learning, to ultimately provide my couples with a beautiful set heartfelt real images from one of the most surreal and fast passed days of a couples life. This is my job and my passion.

Knowing that I have been able to slow these moments down; moments of organic connection and present them as visual memories for generations to come gives me a sense of honour and privileged to share in this amazing day.

At times I will quietly stand back and photograph from afar and sometimes I will direct and be right in the middle of it all to get the images that will tell your wedding story.

At the end of the day I want you to be proud to show off your wedding images, share, print and display them as there is no greater compliment for me.

I travel near and far to photograph weddings and I include a second photographer plus stunning album in every package. I can help you with display options and we can work together to get the most of your wedding day photography.

If you feel like I we would be a great match and you like to chat more about your day then I would love you to get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Katrina xx

Scroll down to read some client reviews. You will find additional reviews on my Facebook page.

Client Reviews

Katrina….I had full confidence in our choice of photographer from the beginning. She did not let us down. Guided us when we needed but didn’t intrued on our moments that made our day…..captured the hilarious, emotional and only sometimes serious moments. Thank you so much for being our awesome photographer!!!

I cannot thank or recommend Katrina and her assistant Astaria enough for the beautiful photographs they took of my wedding day. The day was slightly hectic as our timeline went out the window but Katrina and Astaria were so easy to be around and made the general awkwardness of having photos taken disappear. Sam and I are beyond happy with our incredible photos.

Katrina was just what we needed for our wedding day. She was so relaxed but took control when we needed things to be done. I love how when we got ready she was able to go away and capture beautiful shots of my dress and flowers. The ceremony was captured so well and helped me remember all the beautiful moments because I was so overwhelmed.

My husband and I first met Katrina a week before our wedding, my mother made arrangements for Katrina prior to this. I explained to Katrina that I was not a ‘photogenic’ person, she promised me on this day, no matter how much I hated photos, she would make our wedding album perfect! We put all our trust in Katrina and she could not have been more right. Our wedding album was beautiful, elegant & perfect, exactly what we wanted! My husband and I are thrilled with the results from our photos. We highly recommend Katrina Cram Photography, professional and enthusiastic service, and our wedding photos were turned around in a timely manner.

Absolutely loved the whole experience, Katrina is super easy to work with on the day and with organising everything, very very professional and the photo’s are absolutely incredible!! highly recommend!

Thank you so much for everything on the day! We love the photos you both took that captured our special day. You made the day lots of fun but professional at the same time!

I suffer for BDD – A mental illness that effects the way I see myself. Since I was a little girl I imagined how my wedding would be… I had my whole entire wedding planned out and thousands of pictures saved on Pinterest… And seven years ago I knew who I wanted to photograph my wedding. KATRINA CRAM… All I needed now was a soul mate. My life hasn’t been easy, it’s been a roller coaster and because of this I’ve had a weight gain… then a weight loss, then a gain… and so forth. Due to my fluctuating weight my BDD flares up… not something I need at all… During one of my weight gains and BDD flare ups I met my soul mate… he loved me for who I am even though I’m unable to love myself. So we set a wedding date. Katrina was the FIRST person I booked. I live in Tasmania and knowing I had to fly her here made it all very exciting.
But, I was worried. ALOT… “I won’t like the images” “I know katrina is a very talented photographer, hence why I only want her to photograph my day… but I won’t like the images because I’ll be in them” “It won’t be the fact I dislike her work. But I’ll dislike me” “I’ll ruin her work” “I’ll ruin the images” they were only some of the thoughts going through my head. I tried ridiculous fad diets leading up to the wedding, which stressed me out… the stress of the wedding stressed me out, and I ended up living off nuggets and pizza -.- I knew in my head – I had gained weight… and I knew it would in my eyes make the photos even worse than I imagined before. I lost sleep. “I won’t have images I can share on facebook” “I won’t have images I can put on my wall” I tried reasoning with my self over and over again.. “Emma is ok. If you get JUST one picture it’ll be ok. Just one decent picture of yourself… that one picture I can show people and put on my wall” I just knew deep down I wouldn’t be happy with myself getting married skinny while struggling wth BDD, let alone getting married “bigger” On the 17th of Feb 2017 I got married to my soul mate… with Katrina as my photographer… and the biggest I’ve ever been weight wise. – AND I LOOKED STUNNING!!! Katrina made me feel comfortable. Katrina worked so so damn hard to ensure id like my images – she made me feel and look beautiful. I only wanted 1 image. I would have been happy with just 1 image… She’s only given me a sneak peak of 11… Just to tie me over until she edits the rest… And I have shared those 11 on facebook… I have shown everyone.
I am just completely shocked… not at the quality of the work – because we all know her quality is outstanding… but the fact I look so damn good in them… she worked her little butt off to make sure I did look good and she succeeded!!! My expectations were just blown out of the water!!! I highly recommend Katrina Cram!!!
I couldn’t thank her enough! I don’t have enough gold, enough tears, enough love to give to her to show her how much she’s made me the happiest girl alive!!!
How much this means to me, I don’t even think she understands just how much this means to me!!! I love you katrina

“Katrina was amazing and extremely professional throughout the whole process. She made us both feel so relaxed during the photo shoots on our wedding day. We are absolutely in love with our wedding photos. We would highly recommend Katrina to others who are looking for a wedding photographer who will expertly and beautifully capture the essence of your special day. ”

“Having Katrina with us for our wedding was like spending a day with a brilliant friend. We were totally at ease and this shows in the photos. I wish we lived closer as we probably would become close friends!

“One of the nicest and helpful photographers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Thank you for photographing our wedding, it was the best day and you did a fantastic job. First photo up and I’m already in love! Can’t wait to see the rest! Xx

“Katrina and her team were an absolute dream to work with. They listened and captured every special moment. We loved the entire day and we are so happy that we had Katrina there with us. Our memories wouldn’t be the same without her beautiful photography.”

“Katrina was an awesome photographer! Very professional, yet always room for a laugh she made it great fun and we love our photos they rare just incredible”

“Oh Katrina. You are just wonderful! I’ve known you for a few years now while I’ve looked after your website and graphic design projects for you – and when Kyle and I got married a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited to have you as our photographer. Thank you so much for being so caring and for giving Kyle and myself tips for our day. Having you capture our wedding made everything feel easier because I knew that you were in control so that Kyle and I could really just soak up our day. We cannot wait to see our beautiful wedding images and look forward to you capturing more special moments for us in the future. Thank you Katrina! Love from the Griffiths!”

“Was the best day, the photos turned out great with the weather, you guys made the photos come to life, & even got a smile out of Lachlan. Katrina you and Astaria take your photos to a whole other level & I thank you for that. I have got memories forever.”


“Katrina is very talented and created very unique, artistic shots of our wedding day. Not only did she get all the special moments of the day, but she was also very patient, easy to work with and very professional. I am so happy with how the shots turned out!

“My husband and I are so happy with our photos. Katrina and her team were absolutely amazing and so guiding on the day. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and Katrina captured our story even more perfect than I could have imagined.”

“Happiest girl in the world… Our wedding album just arrived!!!! Feels like I’m re-living the best day of my life all over again…. Pure bliss!”

“Oh Miss Katrina Cram!!! Arn’t you a maker of majick, a sharer of dreams a capturer of love, life, laughter, joy and truth………..what you have seen and photographed and filmed at our “LOVEFEST” is beyond words and my heart right this moment is full full full……….”

“Merry Christmas! This is a late christmas message of love. We just watched the film clip to our Lovefest again and boy oh boy YOU ARE AMAZING! Not only are you a beautiful person on the inside but you are AMAZING in your ability to capture the energy, the spirit, the art and the beauty of the day! The wedding looks amazing and is captured unlike anything else we have ever watched. We are sitting here so very in love all over again. This is a gift of extraordinary power. Thank you. And even that is not big enough to say what is in my heart………xxxxxxxxxx”

“Today has been amazing! We had the most beautiful ‘trash the dress’ photoshoot. I would recommend it to any one to do after your wedding.”

“Omg!!!!! Katrina they are magical, I can’t wait to get them on my wall and show them off.”

“Thanks Katrina for everything on Renee Johnson special day. You really gave Renee everything she hoped for and made the evening very enjoyable for the Bridal party. Look forward to seeing the pictures from another gorgeous day. Pleasure working with you again and thank you also for the pictures of my styling. Xx”

“Pretty sure I have got the best wedding photographer on earth, one of the only suppliers who is calm and relaxed – just what I need!!!”

“Katrina really made our wedding day special. She is creative and generous and she produced beautiful photos and was so fun and easy to get along with. I definitely recommend her to any bride!”