Unplugged Weddings

{Unplugged Weddings}


What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is when you ask your guest to turn off their phones, iPads, iPods, Nintendo’s, cameras and other digital photo capturing device during the ceremony.

The purpose is to allow the hired wedding photographer the chance to capture the wedding as efficiently and perfectly as possible without possibly missing key shots caused by obtrusive paparazzi wedding guests.

As a wedding photographer I have the pleasure to photograph the memories for 20+ weddings a year and I can only make suggestions as to what I professionally feel is the best possible way to get the most visually out of my clients wedding images. It is your wedding day and you ultimately decide what is right for you.

When I started photographing weddings, having heads and bodies pop out in front of me while I photographed was not an issue. Back then guests who were invited to a wedding were present and witness to, two people declare their love for one another, with their own eyes; not from behind a photo taking device – that is a photographers job.

I have had many missed photographic moments due to heads and bodies jumping out in front of both myself and my second photographers. It truly makes me sad that the wedding couple will never have that moment again and having a shot of the back of someone’s head was certainly not the desired image.
I truly understand why guests want to get out their cameras or phones, it is a beautiful moment to be immortalized as a photograph, this is why couples  hire a professional wedding photographer.

Let’s look at the logistics, the ceremony aisle is only wide enough for the bride and groom to walk down and generally they walk down the center. Photographers need elbow room! standing beside us forces us to shoot from the side of the aisle and having someone jump out into the middle aisle not only obscures the image with body parts but also prevents us from getting the best shots possible. We photograph at the center also for optimum composition within the images.

For us to be able to do our job properly the aisle needs to be clear and free from obstructions.
While we are on the topic of aisle’s, It is great for us and your images if you are aware of your position once you are at the end of the aisle,  make sure you are standing in the center front. Even if you are standing to the side half a meter it will throw off the images composition especially if there is an arbor.

If you don’t want to have an unplugged ceremony that’s perfectly fine but you need to understand that your photographers may not be able to get the shots they plan to.  An alternative to an unplugged ceremony is to ensure that your guest photograph from their seats and not lean out into the aisle – this includes selfie sticks…yes that’s right guests are now using selfie sticks to grab that iphone shot.

Regardless if it’s a selfie stick, a head, half a body or an arm with a camera; do you really want these in your wedding images?

Should you consider an unplugged ceremony?

There is a great article in the huff post regarding this topic and its well worth a read. The article goes on to say that while some couples are encouraging their guests to take images, even setting up apps like hash-tags and instagram pages. Others are opting for their guests to be fully present at their wedding instead of hiding behind and watching the ceremony through their phones, allowing their hired photographer to do what they were paid for…to record this wonderful event.

There is also another article on offbeat bride that is a great read.

Another related topic that I have had past brides comment on is; will you permit your guests to upload images of your wedding to social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) before you say I do? The guardian has a unique take on the social sharing issue.

Will you choose to unplug your wedding ceremony? you can find ideas here on my pinterest page.


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